• One Week Supply

White Bite One Week Supply

Product Code: 1WK

Each Box Contains:

7 pouches of whitening strips. Each pouch contains an upper and lower strip which sits comfortably over your teeth.

(14 strips in total)

Easy and Convenient to use.

1 - Open pouch to reveal strips

2 - Dry teeth with a towel, apply longer strip to top teeth and the shorter strip to your bottom teeth

3 - Wait 30 minutes

4 - Remove excess, dispose of strips.

In most cases people will notice a colour change after the first use however, it may take several applications depending on the initial colour of your teeth.


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    Glycerin 68.10%, Aqua 20.00%, Cellulose Gum 10.00%, Sodium Chlorite 1.00%, EDTA .050%, Citric Acid 0.20%, D, L-Menthol 0.20%

  • Additional Info

    White Bite teeth whitening strips are different to conventional products in that they do not contain peroxide. They work both on and beneath the surface of your tooth enamel to provide you with a whiter smile. Our strips remove existing stains and prevent new stains from occurring. They're simple to use, effective, mess and stress free!