• Eight Week Supply

White Bite Eight Week Supply

Product Code: 8WK

4 Boxes containing:

56 pouches of whitening strips.

Each pouch contains an upper and lower strip which sits comfortably over your teeth.

(112 strips in total)

Easy and Convenient to use:

1 - Open pouch to reveal strips

2 - Dry teeth with a towel, apply longer strip to top teeth and the shorter strip to your bottom teeth

3 - Wait 30 minutes

4 - Remove excess, dispose of strips.

In most cases people will notice a colour change after the first use however, it may take several applications depending on the initial colour of your teeth.


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  • Additional Info

    Glycerin 68.10%, Aqua 20.00%, Cellulose Gum 10.00%, Sodium Chlorite 1.00%, EDTA .050%, Citric Acid 0.20%, D, L-Menthol 0.20%