• Makeup Applicator
  • Photo by Jeffree Star

    Photo by Jeffree Star

  • Makeup Applicator
  • Makeup Applicator
  • Makeup Applicator
  • Makeup Applicator

Blend It Makeup Applicator

Product Code: BLND

Blend liquid makeup seamlessly using Blend It. Re-useable and easily sanitised, this product will reduce makeup wastage and save you time and money. This revolutionary makeup applicator will change the way you apply makeup and face creams forever!

  • Hygienic - Blend It can be cleaned & sanitised quickly and easily in between uses. Perfect for makeup artists or home use.
  • Re-useable - Use Blend It over and over again, as long as it remains un-damaged.
  • Less mess - Say goodbye to messy finger tips and drying time after washing. Blend It is the perfect tool for use on the go and while travelling.

How To Use:

  • Apply a small amount of makeup to Blend It and work onto the face using small circular movements. Use a dabbing motion for a heavier application.
  • Repeat to achieve desired coverage.

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  • Additional Info

    • Keep away from sharp objects (tweezers etc.)
    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Replace if there is any damage of the outer lining
    • For external use only
    • Do not ingest.