• Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
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  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)
  • Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)

Breast Lift Tape (Sizes A-G)

Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape

Product Code: PPBLT

  • TWO PAIRS PER PACK (Not reusable)
  • 90% LIFT

Our revolutionary Perky Pear® breast lift and shape tape is the first in its category to give the effect of a surgical breast lift! Many advertise it but we deliver!Designed by our founder (an E cup woman) for women like her who have tried everything with no results! Our breast lift tape is the first cotton based breast lift tape on the market and its 180% stretchy fabric gives you a 5 inch lift which is the most effective lift on the market!

PERKY PEAR® breast lift tape contains an acrylic based adhesive which gets stronger the longer you wear them! It is applied as a wave to allow the skin to breathe and to help the circulation of sweat and air. This means you can dance the night away knowing you are secure for up to 6 + hours!

The iconic pear shape design is more slanted on one side to not show in deep plunge styles but rounded at the other side to cup and push the breasts together creating a more rounded cleavage! Our tape is the first breast lift tape to not only lift larger breasts up to 5 inches but also add fullness to smaller breasts (no misshapen boobs here ladies!)

The fabric is also great at holding loose clothes in place and hides your modesty. No uncomfortable paper nipple covers needed!

So take the plunge and wear a daring low cut top, backless dress, side cut outs and even sheer clothing because with its nude appearance it's virtually undetectable! (black coming soon)

Dare to bare and treat your pair to PERKY PEAR®!

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  • Additional Info

    Disclaimer: The adhesive is very sticky and the longer you wear the tape the stickier they get. We don't recommend wearing your PERKY PEAR® tape for more than 6 hours although they will hold for much longer. Please refer to the product packaging for instructions on how to remove the lifts safely. If the instructions are followed correctly no injury should occur. Red marks fade within 24 hours depending on skin sensitivity. Please use the patch test provided in your pack and if irritation occurs discontinue use. We advise in wearing our high quality silicone nipple covers under your PERKY PEAR® tape for extra comfort and ease when removing although it can be worn without (our founder favours without but everyone has different nipple sensitivity!) The larger your bust the more likeliness of redness due to the weight the tape will hold. Our tape is CE approved and safe for the skin. RED MARKS DO OCCUR! They can be in a funky swirly pattern because of the adhesive pattern. They are fine and will fade. Anything stuck to the skin for a long period will cause red marks. They take up to 24 hours to go.

    On rare occasions you may experience heat blisters where the skin may become damaged by friction (loose tape) or heat from the material. Heat blisters will usually take around a week to heal. DO NOT use the product again until it has completely healed. To avoid heat blisters do not rub the tape excessively onto the skin when applying, a firm press of the hand and a smooth down is sufficient. If you rub the tape onto your skin during application this will cause the adhesive to excessively stick onto the skin resulting in a higher chance of a blister occurring on removal as the adhesive is heat activated. If a blister occurs this will not scar the skin but may take a while to heal especially if the product is used again before it has completely healed.